Brown to Austin, 93-08-19


Thursday, August 19, 1993


Dr. Steve Austin
Institute for Creation Research
P.O. Box 2667
El Cajon, CA 92021
                                                                                                 August 19, 1993
Dear Steve,
Christ gave Christians a four-step procedure in Matthew 18:15-17 for resolving serious problems between
themselves. I have followed the first two of those steps for a major problem I have with you: (1) false
accusations and (2) plagiarism. Your response has been completely unsatisfactory.
It appears to me that you are simply hoping I will eventually go away. The procedure does not allow that—and
for good reason. Doing so only sweeps a festering problem under the rug. It divides Christians and does not
root out or correct the cause of the problem. Therefore, we are at step three.
These matters, which you have denied, sidestepped, ignored, and dissembled, must now be brought to "the
church." A good question here in the twentieth century is who serves as "the church" in resolving this dispute.
Fortunately, many other Christians living far apart and attending different churches have worked out a
satisfactory approach. They turn to impartial Christian organizations who are set up to arbitrate such matters.
If you agree that this is the next logical step, then I will send you a list of perhaps three such groups, none of
which I have ever contacted before today. You can then choose one to arbitrate our problem. Of course, we
both must agree beforehand to submit to their procedures, answer all their questions, provide them with
information, and abide by their decision. I will do this. Will you?
Up to this point and except for a few advisors, I have kept the details of this matter between you, ICR, and
myself. However, if you refuse arbitration or ignore this altogether, then I must move to step four. For the sake
of the creation movement, I hope that will not be necessary. Of course, the best and simplest action would be
for you to (1) admit to making false accusations and committing plagiarism and (2) take corrective action.
I will expect at least a yes or no answer within two weeks. If I do not hear from you by then, I will assume your
answer is "no" and we will be at step four. If for some reason you need more time or you wish to discuss this or
ask me questions, I will be happy to oblige.
I realize this matter must be as unpleasant for you as it is for me, especially since we both have many other
responsibilities. However, our problem must be resolved. I think it can be. If one is forthright and repentant,
ones effectiveness and ministry should not suffer.
cc: Henry M. Morris